The Group Company and Zhejiang University of Technology Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Time:2022-09-20 12:55:43

On September 15th, the signing ceremony of comprehensive strategic cooperation between the Group Company and Zhejiang University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang University of Technology”) was held in Pingfeng Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology. Li Xiaonian, President of Zhejiang University of Technology, Chen Jiming, Vice President, Xie Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, Chen Cunfa, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, Wu Yaocai, Deputy Chief Engineer and Minister of Investment and Development, Zhou Jinhong, Second-level Investigator of the Foundation Department of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, and Duan Wenfei, Director of the Provincial Science and Technology Project Management Service Center, attended the signing ceremony. The head of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University of Technology College of Mechanical Engineering presided over the ceremony.

Li Xiaonian said that Zhejiang University of Technology has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with the Mechanery and Electrical Group because of the high degree of connection between the school’s advantageous and characteristic disciplines and the leading industries and new growth industries of the Mechanery and Electrical Group. Through the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, he stressed that both sides should strengthen the integration and development of schools and enterprises, jointly cultivate new growth poles through comprehensive cooperation and deep integration, and realize the same frequency resonance and the same target of “famous enterprises” and “prestigious schools”; Both sides should strengthen the sharing of platform resources and focus on deepening pragmatic cooperation in building innovative platforms, gathering innovative resources, introducing and educating high-end talents, promoting the integration of production and education, and accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; Both sides should improve the long-term cooperation mechanism, upgrade the past “scattered and sporadic” project cooperation between the sides to “organized and systematic” cooperation, and strive to build a standardized, normalized and long-term cooperation mechanism.

Xie Ping said that strengthening school-enterprise cooperation and deepening Industry-University-Research’s linkage could effectively boost industrial technology transformation and product development, key core technologies and scientific and technological innovation, and the construction of high-level talent teams, which is of great significance to the innovative development and high-quality development of the province. Through the signing of this contract, both sides will deepen cooperation in all directions, and jointly promote the construction of the Mechanical Analysis and Testing Center project, and strive to create a demonstration project for cooperation between the sides, so as to promote the both sides to cooperate and implement in details; By establishing a normalized accurate mining mechanism for school-enterprise cooperation projects, both sides will pay attention to high-tech, high-growth and high-value cooperation areas, and explore a new mechanism for deep integration of Industry-University-Research with efficient linkage and accurate docking; By establishing a dynamically updated project list, both sides will strengthen the checklist management, and promote the continuous deepening of cooperation and make outstanding achievements.

Zhou Jinhong congratulated the Mechanery and Electrical Group and Zhejiang University of Technology on signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. She said that the “Analysis and Testing Center” jointly established by the Zhejiang University of Technology College of Mechanical Engineering and the Testing Institute affiliated to the Mechanery and Electrical Group was a new exploration and attempt to establish a win-win development and sharing cooperation system between schools and enterprises under the new format. We hoped to explore a set of new paradigms that could be replicated and popularized in the whole province by trying first, and made contributions to creating a national “golden business card” for the open sharing of large scientific research instruments in the province.

At the ceremony, Chen Jiming and Chen Cunfa signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Mechanery and Electrical Group and Zhejiang Vocational Education Group.

The head of the College of Mechanical Engineering and the head of the Testing Institute signed the Cooperation Agreement for the Co-construction of the Mechanical Analysis and Testing Center.

In the future, both sides will carry out extensive cooperation in six aspects: the introduction and sharing of talents’ intelligence, the collaborative training of talents, the establishment of a joint research and innovation platform between schools and enterprises, the joint construction of a mechanical analysis and testing center, the research cooperation of vocational education, and the pairing of grass-roots party organizations and the cooperation of party building.

Li Xiaonian, Xie Ping, Chen Jiming, Chen Cunfa and the heads of College of Mechanical Engineering and the Testing Institute jointly unveiled the “Mechanical Analysis and Testing Center” jointly established by both sides.

After the meeting, the participants visited the party building complex and laboratory of the College of Mechanical Engineering.

Head of the Platform Carrier Department of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Project Management Service Center, heads of the Group Company Office, the Investment Development Department, the Science and Education and Information Technology Department, the Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, the Testing Institute and other related departments, heads of the School Office, the College of Computer Science and Technology, the Laboratory and Asset Management Office, the College of Mechanical Engineering, and the College of Education as well as teachers’ representatives of the College of Mechanical Engineering all attended the ceremony. (Contributed by Group Office and Testing Institute)