Players from Zhejiang Construction Technician College Won the Gold Medal in the Competition 2022 Special Edition of World Skills

Time:2022-11-01 12:50:09

The plastering and partition system project of the Competition 2022 Special Edition of World Skills was held in Bordeaux, France, and Ma Hongda from Zhejiang Construction Technician College participated on behalf of China. After four days of fierce competition, Ma Hongda won the championship of this project, which not only achieved the breakthrough of “zero” gold medal in China of this project, but also fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor of young people in China, and also showed the achievements of the project of “strengthening the province with talents” in Zhejiang Province and the profound connotation of talent training in Zhejiang Construction Technician College as a gift to the 20th Party Congress.

The World Skills Competition, known as the “World Skills Olympics”, is a professional skills competition with the highest status, the largest scale and the greatest influence in the world, and its competitive level represents the world advanced level of vocational skills development today. The Competition 2022 Special Edition, the official competition of the World Skills Competition, was held in 15 countries respectively from mid-September to late November, with 62 events. China sent 36 players to participate in 34 events.

Through the application of metal frame construction and gypsum board installation technology, as well as the application of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, plastering, production and installation of decorative lines and artistic creativity, plastering and partition system is a competition project for the construction, improvement and decoration of light partition system.

Ma Hongda, a player from Construction Technician College, has studied plastering and partition system for many years and has rich training and competition experience. During the four-day competition, with solid and excellent technology and stable mentality, Ma Hongda won the championship, rewriting the national best record of this project maintained by the College.

Excellent results cannot be achieved without the hard work of the security team. As the national training base of plastering and partition system project in the 46th World Skills Competition, the Construction Technician College, with the care and support of the superior departments, provides first-class training conditions such as venues and equipment for players’ training, formulates a careful and scientific training plan, and helps the players to cope calmly in the competition and lay the foundation for successfully completing all aspects of the competition.

Compared with domestic advanced schools, Zhejiang Construction Technician College came into contact with the World Skills Competition late, but it has achieved good results. In the 44th and 45th World Skills Competition and the Competition 2022 Special Edition, Construction Technician College won two gold medals, one silver and one winning prize, and the total number of medals ranked among the top participating units in China. In the future, the College will continue to carry out the results transformation of the World Competition, further improve the level of training high-skilled talents, and provide more talent support for strengthening modernization, building an “important window” in Zhejiang Province and “two pioneers”.